Our Walk

“The Plush Club” was conceptualized with the belief that our babies are the greatest gift life has on offer. To do complete justice to this super gift, our ideology is simple, which is to create and provide the best products for your baby’s development – supreme in terms of every facet and feature.

With this aim, we have started our journey first with baby clothes – as that’s the one thing that your baby’s skin will always be in touch with - 24/7/365.

On the journey to designing the baby clothes – there were primarily 3 things we had to solve for: Texture, Design and Style.


Softer than Soft Texture

I realized that in terms of baby clothes, our only options were either cotton or other synthetic materials. While the former was not soft enough for our babies’ sensitive skin, the latter had challenges with breathability.

Baby skin is generally 1/4th the thinness of adult skin, making them more sensitive and prone to skin problems and hence the fabric must be ultra-soft and breathable.


It was then we realized that there needs to be something between the two fabrics – combining softness and breathability – which is when we discovered the Bamboo fabric.

This fabric is made especially keeping in mind baby’s sensitive skin and is as soft and light as a feather. It is carefully made keeping in mind baby’s comfort and is not treated with chemicals that contribute to skin irritation. 


Making a difference through design

We are big believers of making a difference through design and have made it the mission of The Plush Club to “Re-invent baby essentials without compromising on style and comfort”.

Our team works hard on creating ingenious and ergonomic designs that would make every parent’s life easier. Our clothes consider various parental survey feedbacks on what they aspire with respect to baby clothes.


Our constant endeavour to create an unparalleled product with great amount of R&D will hopefully help achieve our mission statement.


Styling Babies


Majority of the infant / toddler sleep wear available in the market are mass-market patterns with mostly whites and greys lacking vibrant colours. Others would be super expensive that the baby would grow out of in a matter of weeks.

We have come up with innovating and engaging designs for your babies’ creative juices to flow while dressing up or dressing down or even looking at themselves in the mirror.


Giving back to the society

While our team is marching towards the pursuit of softness with ultimate design and style for baby clothes, we are constantly reminded of that faction of kids around the world, where a proper meal itself is a luxury. To make sure The Plush Club provides pervasive and wholesome development of babies and kids around the world, we have taken upon ourselves to contribute to two charities from our sales.